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Full time camera

Man I really wish I had a good res camera on my glasses all the time, with a easy way to quickly take a shot.

This morning there were two shots I’d love to have taken.

One was a builder, 9.20am on a winters morning, walking past with a plank or some sort of pole, about twelve foot long. This was over one shoulder, while the other hand was carrying his morning coffee. To make the missed picture even better, he was walking towards a hatchback witch had a cricket bat propped into it keeping it open.

Not sure why, but I just liked the scene.

The second shot I would have taken this morning was a helicopter taking off from the roof of the (Dunedin) hospital. It was a lovely blue sky, and I could see it taking off throw the branches of a leafless tree.

It was a good sight, and I think it would have made a good photo. I probably would have taken the shot to early though, as if was thinking that would be a great shot as it was in the thick of the branches, but a little latter when it was near the edge with just a few branches the photo would have be fantastic.

Oh well, no photos, just memories, either way having a good morning even though I had to start driving the bus at 6.50am on a winter morning.

Five way intersections

The sun is shining, it’s lovely and warm, and I’m in a great mood today.

Was sitting at a five way intersection earlier today, and was thinking, “Could traffic be managed better around here”, and now I want to go home and play sim city. Guess I have plans for the evening 🙂


Having a great day today. Not to sure why, as yesterday I was having a terrible day. Anxiety was over the roof, but today, I’m great.

Heart beating a little fast right now. Driving down the Main Street, another bus following me, and plenty of cars. Then an ambulance shows up, sirens on, looking like they’re in a hurry.

Hard enough as it is to find somewhere in town to pull a bus over in a hurry, it’s a lot harder when you’re looking for a spot where the bus following you can get out of the way as well. Found a space pretty quickly for the both of us, but it gets your pulse up a little!

Happy and Sunny

Having a good day.

The morning wasn’t to good, had a headache. Have had one every day this week shofar. I think it’s the new dosage of my meds. But took something for it and it didn’t last two long, so that was good.

Heading I to work, there was a heck of a fog. We’re talking two car lengths visibility, max! Luckily I’m just doing running on the flat, and it wasn’t two bad on the flat once off the hills.

Had a early brunch at Burger King. My current shift means I’m working through my wife’s lunch hour, so I can’t dine with her.

Brunch was good, and put me in a good mood for the next section of my shift.

Now the sun is out and it’s nice and warm (behind glass), and sofar today I don’t fell anxious at all, so nice day and I’m felling good.

Happiness is reading a sign the wrong way

Ok, made it throw work yesterday, and I’m half finished today, so things are looking up.

Read a sign in town, “Serving good Kiwi food for 40’years”. Naturally I know what they mean, but what I was thinking was that Kiwi’s (small nocturnal flightless bird) probably eat bugs and other small insects. I don’t know if I want to go to a restaurant and eat that.

It’s funny why your mind thinks sometimes.

Crazy wet

It’s crazy wet outside.

The rain is just about going sideways!

Made plans, so looks like we’re going to have an afternoon indoors playing xbox.

Of course I have to go pick up a mate as he’s not to keen to walk here in this crazy rain.

Other than that, all good to go. Have three consoles here already, snacks, and a nice warm lounge thanks to the heat pump 🙂

Busy, but happy

Been keeping myself busy today in all the breaks at work.

Trying to workout the most cost effective solution for somebody who is spending less and less time in their home town, but wishes to stay in contact with locals who won’t call a cellphone number.

Currently I’m looking at a home phone option with 2 Degrees mobile, where calls to a local number get sent to your cellphone instead.

The other option I am looking at is xnet’s VoIP option, where voice mail gets emailed to you once it is recorded. Trying to see if it is possible to get that setup with a local number but not actually have an internet connection, VoIP device or anything like that.

So that’s what has been keeping me reading websites and sending emails today’s hopefully in a few days I’ll have enough information to make and formed decision 🙂

Drive time

Sadly on Tuesday the SMART services of one of my hard drives started to spit out doom and gloom. You know the type of messages, failure, data loss, magic smoke, back up now, etc..

Well that sucked, so I went and ordered a new drive from ascent at about 10pm Tuesday. Now come lunchtime Thursday, I drop home between shifts to find a courier card (I always miss them). So after a quick trip down town I now have a box with my end drive in it, so that’s great.

Probably work on it tomorrow. Once the new one is in and taken over all the functions of the old one, it will be time to pull the old one. I don’t actually think it’s that old, so I’ll have to check the purchase date, and if it is still under warranty, grab a copy of all the SMART errors, and send it back.

Guess Friday evening will be a little more busy than I had first planned.