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Slack and books

Been pretty lazy recently. While this is the third post today, there has been a big gap before the previous bunch of posts.

Not sure why, but it seems today I’m back from my lazy streak.

Last month I went to the “Regent 24hr book sale”

More of a tradition than anything. My wife likes it as she reads, and thus buys books.

As for me, I used to like it more, as they used to also sell old records and CDs. I love my music, so I’d spend a while hunting through them.

Now they do that as a different event, and I’ve never made it to it yet.

So the book sale has less of an appeal.

Normally I’ll but a drink, grab and ice cream, and go find a comic book to read while my wife loads up on books. I also get to sit back watch the crowd, and listen to the live bands.

Well normally we go about midnight, but I was a little tired, so we never made it until 5am this time. Completely different and quite disappointing.

There was no live band, the food shop was close, and here was only about thirty people wandering around.

A bit of a letdown really.

Oh well, hopefully next year I’ll get there at midnight, music,snacks, and people.


Man, it’s really cold this morning.

Technically the last day of summer was last Friday, and it rained all day, but this morning is ridiculously cold for this time of year.

I even had to go put my gloves on this morning to drive the bus.


Do you know hard it is to take a picture of you’re own gloves with a iPad?

Pretty easy actually, but try taking one of you wearing them gets a lot harder. I finally gave up and took them off for the photo.

Actually I’ve had them off a lot since the beginning of this article. I typed everything before the photo yesterday. I figured a little latter I’d take and add a photo. Well now it’s the next day, it’s cold again, and I have finally taken the photo, so now this post gets classified as both sad because it’s cold, and lazy as it took so long to complete.


I believe I can mark today as all three, happy, sad, and lazy.

I’m happy because the weather was pretty good, though over windy. I’m working on moving my old desktop into the lounge and connecting it to the media centre. It used to get more use, but now with the laptops, tablet and phones, it’s just not getting the usage it used to get, so it’s being re-tasked.

There is a game I have been playing on my laptop, SimCity. The laptop is under the required specs, so while it’s fun (so says 300+ hours of gameplay), it is a little slow and painful, and the visuals have to be turned right down.

While the desktop is old, it has good specs, and I built it when I was doing 3D, so it needed a bit of power for rendering. So I believe it should give a better performance.

I’m sad, as I’m still sick. Not feeling as bad as Wednesday night, or Thursday and Friday, but I still feel like crap. I’m also sad as I’ve gone and burnt the roof of my mouth real bad again, once again eating pizza my wife cooked for me.

Finally, I’m lazy, as before I install a windows boot on my desktop, which is, and will continue, running Linux, I have a friend over who has spent most of the afternoon updating it for me. Thanks dude.

When it rains, it pours

Ok, so that’s a saying, and not really what this post is about. Though just to let you know it is raining out there as I type, which sucks for tourism, as we have a cruise ship visiting the city today.

What this post is about is pain. I’m in pain, any it’s really bugging me. Driving causes stress on certain joints, and right now my wrist (right) is really hurting. The more annoying part of it is that I’ve forgotten to bring any painkillers with me, so,I just have to put up,with it.

This is largely my fault, due to being lazy. I don’t exercise much. I go to the pool twice a week, sometimes more for some aqua-jogging, but not much else. I need to do so e exercise to increase my wrist and arm strength as we’ll.

I had a little thing that you squeeze with your hands, but I used it so infrequently, that I lost it when I moved house, so now I don’t have it, and have to put up with sore wrists.

Will have to get back to it I guess, as pain sucks, but I’m lazy 🙁

Things to do

There is a reason that lazy is in the title, I am 🙁

Lots of things I should do, or want to do, but keep getting put off.

Two things I’ve been meaning todo for this blog are to make a poems page, and make a quotes page.

I used to write poems. I haven’t for a long time. Maybe because I was more depressed then, or maybe just in a darker place, as most of my poems were dark. Hopefully I will get around to posting them on a page soon.

Quotes, I have a small collection. I hear them on tv shows, movies,and other places. I decide I like that, and I jot them down somewhere, normally my phone. Nothing seems to happen from that stage though, so I should make a page and try to collect them together in one place. Then maybe every now and then when I’m in a dark place I can just read through them to cheer myself up,a little.

Finally, comments on this blog.

Currently I’m not checking or approving them. The reason is I’m getting hit by spam bots submitting about one hundred per day, and I just don’t have the time or energy to go through that sort of collection seeing if any are valid, so I just delete them all. So I guess I need to add a plugin or something to deal with them.

One day these things will happen, but I’m lazy, so probably won’t be today.