Monthly Archives: December 2013

Wet outside

It’s wet out side.

This makes me a little sad. Not because it’s raining, as I like the rain, I like driving in the rain, I like staring out the window into the rain, sometimes I even like a walk in the rain. The reason it makes me sad today is because I need to return to work soon, so I’m going to get wet getting to the car, get wet getting from the car to the depot, get wet getting from the depot to the transfer vehicle, and finally get wet getting from my transfer vehicle to my bus I have to drive for the next four hours.

I may also get wet reversing this all when I finish my shift, but I’m not really sad about that, as I’ll be going home, that makes me happy, and my wife will be waiting for me, maybe even with food 🙂


Elder Scrolls Online delayed until June for Xbox one

Ok, this has really bummed me out.

I love the Elder Scrolls series, and I was really looking forward to this game (still are).

I was expecting to see it arrive March next year(2014), so when I heard April, I was slightly disappointed. Then I heard that it was only being released on PC/MAC in April, and a couple of months latter for us console players, I was bummed.

Sad Rodent.