Monthly Archives: February 2014

Wet out

Today’s the last day of summer. Maybe they should have made it yesterday instead, as it’s real wet outside.

So I’m at work, and already wet.

My little weather app on my phone says it’s going to stay wet and cold all day as well.

Suck 🙁

Grumpy bus driver

Darn, I had to be that grumpy old bus driver this trip.

I had an elder gentleman with his shopping bag trolley sort of thing with him. I had to ask him to move it next to him by the seat as it was blocking the corridor. We aren’t allowed to have anything blocking the corridor in case there is an accident, as it may slow down people being able to get out. Also it makes it hard for other people boarding or departing the bus to get past.

The second was a young lady drinking her coke. No eating drinking or smoking in the bus. Actually I don’t mind people drinking clear water, but anything else I have to police as coke and other soft drinks get sticky and also attract insects if they are spilt.

So this trip I’m sad as I was the grumpy driver, oh well, next trip now, back to happy me 🙂

I love my life

Been a while since I’ve posted, I’ve been busy.

I had three days off work a week or so ago. My wife and I have now been married for 14 years, so as usual we took our anniversary off just to do us stuff.

As for why it’s been so long since my last post, I blame shadowrun. I haven’t played the game for years. Actually there has been a new edition released since I last played.

Either way, even though last time I played it was the 4.5th edition (SR20a), and now the fifth edition has been released, we are playing the old 3rd edition.

This the reason I’ve not been posting. I went to and brought a bunch of 3rd edition Shadowrun books (PDFs), and in my small breaks during the day I have been sitting their studying the books rather than posting stuff here.

I now own eight 3rd edition PDFs, and naturally I still have the 4th Ed PDFs I brought last time I played. Oh and I also brought the 5th ed core book as a PDF as well. Guess it’s not that a cheap a hobby, but it’s pretty good.

Oh yes, also have some real paper books form 4th edition laying around so where, but can’t remember where. I don’t go for paper versions of books now, as they are hard to buy in town, cost lots to buy and ship all the way to New Zealand from Amazon, and the PDF versions also allow me to use the search function of the reader 🙂

There has been other contributing factors to why I haven’t written as well. The weather has been great recently,about time. The university is starting up for the year now, so all the students are in town. With the students in town and the great weather, lots and lots of people going to the beach. Yep, you guessed it, I do the beach run, so rather than having ten minutes at each end of my trip to do stuff, I’ve been running flat out trying to keep on time.

So busy at work, busy with my reading, and don’t forget I have a fantastic wife 🙂

Sad drink

Here’s a picture…

Now why on earth is a picture of a drink listed as a sad post?

Well on my way to work this morning I realised I’d forgotten my bottle of water (coke bottle, tap water).

So that left me with the option of turning around and going back to,get it. Not a great option, as I’d be at work either late, or just in time and need to rush through my paperwork and pre-start bus inspections.

Or I could go with out, so four hours before my first break, no drink, stuck in a bus.

Final option, pop into a dairy on route and grab a drink.

Well I chose the last option, but that cost me $4.40, so I’m sad 🙁

Not so good for a friend

I got a ring halfway through Sunday from work. Caller ID told me who it was before I answered.

It seems that one of our drivers is under the weather. He’d been off for a few months now after some surgery, not good when you’re in your seventies. Either way the ops tells me he isn’t feeling well right now, and can’t make it in on Monday.

So instead of starting at 3pm for the week, I am starting at 6.25 for the week, and doing his early shift before I do my afternoon shift.

Good for me I suppose, but sad for him and hoping he is ok.