Life’s a lemon and I want my money back


My float is down $50 in $5 notes. Either I cashed my float last night, or I left my notes on the drivers table.

May have done it last night, or maybe this afternoon.

Last night was routine enough. This afternoon on the other hand was rushed. Once I signed in and read my duty, I had to do a bus change. This means wandering around the yard, looking for a particular parked up bus, start up it up, fill out logbook for it, and then drive it to the changeover bus stop. In this case right out side depo, but just behind the bus exit, which means you have to drive the bus right around the block to get to the right place.

No extra time, so didn’t really have time to get there. Making things worst, I also had to get some more 10c pieces for my float as I was out. I probably took the notes out then. Either way, I’m down on cash, and annoyed about it 🙁

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