This was going to be a sad post, as when I woke up this morning at about 5.50, I had a real banging headache. But I took my medicine, lots of it. Now one and a half hours latter I’m not feeling to bad. Still a little under the weather, but I think I’ll make it through my shift until seven pm tonight without to much trouble.

Now all the medicine I took this morning reminds me strangely enough of Kenny Rogers.

A few years back now, there was a Kenny Rogers concert in Christchurch. Now I had to go to this, I did, and I really enjoyed it. It was a shame the double header, Glenn Campbell couldn’t make it, but it sounds like his touring days are over.

Before I went, I packed my medicine. At the time I was suffering migraines, and also suffering depression. So I had a lot of pills to take. At home they were all in their set place, so every morning and every evening I went and took them. They were all lined up and I knew how many of each. So for a two day trip, I take three days worth, and everything is great…in theory.

We’ll get their, and the first evening I open up my bag and take out all my pills, and realise, there are pills everywhere and I have no idea what I’m supposed to be taking when. At home I just had a routine and a order, but here I was buggered.

We’ll I probably got them right, still here after all, and I only had three days worth, so I couldn’t do myself to much damage.

Either way, as soon as I got home I started searching the App Store (iPhone), for medicine software. We’ll I tried about four before I found the one I use now (RXminder). It’s great, and now even when I have complex requirements, it’s easy. Alarms, reminders, notes, a log, everything I need.

As for the concert, it was fantastic, and now I’m having happy thoughts, the pain is gone, so I’m happy

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