Grumpy bus driver

Darn, I had to be that grumpy old bus driver this trip.

I had an elder gentleman with his shopping bag trolley sort of thing with him. I had to ask him to move it next to him by the seat as it was blocking the corridor. We aren’t allowed to have anything blocking the corridor in case there is an accident, as it may slow down people being able to get out. Also it makes it hard for other people boarding or departing the bus to get past.

The second was a young lady drinking her coke. No eating drinking or smoking in the bus. Actually I don’t mind people drinking clear water, but anything else I have to police as coke and other soft drinks get sticky and also attract insects if they are spilt.

So this trip I’m sad as I was the grumpy driver, oh well, next trip now, back to happy me 🙂

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