Why does this page exist?

It’s just my personal space on the web I guess. I’m kind of a private quite person. I do have a Facebook account, but I don’t visit. I just don’t feel like all my friends or the work really wish to know instantly every little bit about how I feel, or what I’m thinking. Even though there isn’t really an audience for my words, it doesn’t mean I don’t have anything I feel like saying, this the blog.

The title pretty much sums what will be in it.

Sometimes I’m happy, sometimes I’m sad, and often I’m lazy.

Naturally there are other times, but indifferent, bored, hungry, scared, lost, drunk, etc. aren’t really the times I feel like posting, so I’ll just stick to happy, sad and lazy.

I may also post my Kiva loans. They make me happy when I find one I like and make a loan, but it would bias my happy/sad ratio, and make me seem like a happier person than I really am if I put them all down each time and called them happy, so they can have their own category.

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