Movie night

Yesterday ran a little longer than it was supposed to. Originally I was rostered for 7hrs11minutes of work, but, with a few extensions, I clocked in over nine hours before I made it back home.

Luckily that didn’t manage to get in the way of our planned evening. The plan was an hour or so at the pool, then watch a movie with my wife and a friend.

We watched The Hangover 3. Not the newest anymore, but I hadn’t watched it yet.

My Wife and I, in the past, went to the movies every week, sometimes more than once. We had a card with Hoyts, so we could get two tickets for the price of one.

Add money for popcorn, ice creams, and drinks; and the theatre weren’t doing to bad from us.

But the card ran out after a year or so, so as well as having to buy two tickets, the prices just kept going up and up.

Now I’d be surprised if we went to two movies a year. Instead I wait until they come out on Blu-Ray and then purchase them there, maybe waiting a little for the price to come down.

The theatre loses out, but with their prices, they kind of brought it on themselves.

Either way, last night we watch Hangover 3, and I enjoyed it. Had to go to bed pretty shortly afterwards for an early start, but still a good evening.

Only problem I had was looking through my movie collection, I own one and three, but couldn’t find Hangover 2. Guess I’ll have to look it up sometime when I’m shopping.

A weekend in the future

This weekend we got back into a game we hadn’t played to recently, Sim City.

When it first came out, we put some serious hours into it, but not so much recently.

We’ll on Thursday, we loaded it up, and we purchased the Mega-City’s expansion. It cost us $80 ($40 each), a bit for an expansion, but it is a pretty big one.

It brings a lot of futuristic technology with it, from mag-rails to huge fancy hi-tech ‘mega’ towers.

We had a lot of fun, probably getting in 20-30 hours over the course of the weekend (yes, just two days).

I think I’ve now clocked up over 300 hours in Sim City. Can’t remember off hand, but if I remember to, when I next check, I will post a comment to this post.

When it rains, it pours

Ok, so that’s a saying, and not really what this post is about. Though just to let you know it is raining out there as I type, which sucks for tourism, as we have a cruise ship visiting the city today.

What this post is about is pain. I’m in pain, any it’s really bugging me. Driving causes stress on certain joints, and right now my wrist (right) is really hurting. The more annoying part of it is that I’ve forgotten to bring any painkillers with me, so,I just have to put up,with it.

This is largely my fault, due to being lazy. I don’t exercise much. I go to the pool twice a week, sometimes more for some aqua-jogging, but not much else. I need to do so e exercise to increase my wrist and arm strength as we’ll.

I had a little thing that you squeeze with your hands, but I used it so infrequently, that I lost it when I moved house, so now I don’t have it, and have to put up with sore wrists.

Will have to get back to it I guess, as pain sucks, but I’m lazy 🙁

Problems with food

This is my first post which is both happy and sad.

Last night, my wonderful wife made me pizza for dinner. It was fantastic, and I even had a few pieces leftover for breakfast, so that was great, very happy.

Now the sad part, stupid rodent (me) didn’t wait long enough for my pizza to cool down, and ate it to fast, so I have gone and burned the roof of my mouth as you do (can’t just be me) so there is a sad element as well, as here I sit at a bus stop, updating my blog with a sore mouth 🙁

Ice Wars

I love ice with my drinks, especially when I’m just drinking chilled water.

We’ll my father came to visit for a few days last week, and each morning he’d get up and grab all the ice from my fridges ice maker to help keep his chilly-bin in his camper van cold.

This meant often when I went for a cold drink, there was a ice shortage.

Well he’s back tripping around the country now, and my ice collection has caught up, and is once again making ice faster than I can use it 🙂


Just a good morning

Been a good morning.

The sun has come out, and it’s nice and warm. For a while it has been cloudy, rainy, and very windy, so it’s nice to see the sun again.

I just got called up on the RT and had my morning shift extended by an hour. Guess somebody is sick and they need to break up and cover their shift. Good news for me though, as it means I will be in town about the same time my wife has lunch, so joining her is the plan. Of course having lunch in town will cost close to what the extra hour gave me, but that’s no problem, may have gone into town anyhow, so that would have been just as costly, not had the extra work, and I would have to have an extra trip into town.

Finally, there has been some rubbish (McDonalds) on the side of the street the last two times I’ve driven past in the bus. It’s gone now, so somebody out their cares about the neighbourhood (Corstophine), so that is nice and cheered me up as well.

Things to do

There is a reason that lazy is in the title, I am 🙁

Lots of things I should do, or want to do, but keep getting put off.

Two things I’ve been meaning todo for this blog are to make a poems page, and make a quotes page.

I used to write poems. I haven’t for a long time. Maybe because I was more depressed then, or maybe just in a darker place, as most of my poems were dark. Hopefully I will get around to posting them on a page soon.

Quotes, I have a small collection. I hear them on tv shows, movies,and other places. I decide I like that, and I jot them down somewhere, normally my phone. Nothing seems to happen from that stage though, so I should make a page and try to collect them together in one place. Then maybe every now and then when I’m in a dark place I can just read through them to cheer myself up,a little.

Finally, comments on this blog.

Currently I’m not checking or approving them. The reason is I’m getting hit by spam bots submitting about one hundred per day, and I just don’t have the time or energy to go through that sort of collection seeing if any are valid, so I just delete them all. So I guess I need to add a plugin or something to deal with them.

One day these things will happen, but I’m lazy, so probably won’t be today.

Lock for Birthday

Tomorrow is my 42nd birthday. Big deal for me as 42 has been my fav number ever since I read the books.

My wife has allowed me to get an awesome digital electronic lock for the front door. Keypad which glows and everything.

The lock is about $450 by itself, it’s going to be very cool. Very very happy!