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Full time camera

Man I really wish I had a good res camera on my glasses all the time, with a easy way to quickly take a shot.

This morning there were two shots I’d love to have taken.

One was a builder, 9.20am on a winters morning, walking past with a plank or some sort of pole, about twelve foot long. This was over one shoulder, while the other hand was carrying his morning coffee. To make the missed picture even better, he was walking towards a hatchback witch had a cricket bat propped into it keeping it open.

Not sure why, but I just liked the scene.

The second shot I would have taken this morning was a helicopter taking off from the roof of the (Dunedin) hospital. It was a lovely blue sky, and I could see it taking off throw the branches of a leafless tree.

It was a good sight, and I think it would have made a good photo. I probably would have taken the shot to early though, as if was thinking that would be a great shot as it was in the thick of the branches, but a little latter when it was near the edge with just a few branches the photo would have be fantastic.

Oh well, no photos, just memories, either way having a good morning even though I had to start driving the bus at 6.50am on a winter morning.