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A weekend in the future

This weekend we got back into a game we hadn’t played to recently, Sim City.

When it first came out, we put some serious hours into it, but not so much recently.

We’ll on Thursday, we loaded it up, and we purchased the Mega-City’s expansion. It cost us $80 ($40 each), a bit for an expansion, but it is a pretty big one.

It brings a lot of futuristic technology with it, from mag-rails to huge fancy hi-tech ‘mega’ towers.

We had a lot of fun, probably getting in 20-30 hours over the course of the weekend (yes, just two days).

I think I’ve now clocked up over 300 hours in Sim City. Can’t remember off hand, but if I remember to, when I next check, I will post a comment to this post.

Elder Scrolls Online delayed until June for Xbox one

Ok, this has really bummed me out.

I love the Elder Scrolls series, and I was really looking forward to this game (still are).

I was expecting to see it arrive March next year(2014), so when I heard April, I was slightly disappointed. Then I heard that it was only being released on PC/MAC in April, and a couple of months latter for us console players, I was bummed.

Sad Rodent.