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Taking a fall

Tuesday night when I got out of the shower there were two missed calls from my mother on my phone.

I tried to call her on and off for quarter of an hour, before I finally have up and went to check Facebook I case there was anything I’d missed.

There was a post from an aunt that my grandma had taken a fall, was in hospital and was going to have surgery for a broken hip between 3pm and 7.30pm.

That sounds like a pretty long time for surgery when your 86, so naturally I was worried, but there was soon a update on Facebook saying she came out of it well.

I finally managed to get hold of mum and got more of the story.

Naturally I was worried about grandma. It was about 8pm by now. I rang the evening operations for work (that’s the guy who gets the work phone at home all might after the office closes), and told him what had happened and I really wanted to go up to Christchurch (we live in Dunedin) to see her.

Ops said just go, he’d start ringing around and find cover for my (6.45am) shift.

So half an hour latter myself and my wife were on the road.

There was no use showing up at Christchurch hospital after midnight, so we crashed at an aunts on the way up, started off the next morning, and got there inside visiting hours.

Another aunt was there and just left as we got in.

We chatted with her for about an hour. We managed to get back to,our car park opposite the hospital with just one minute to spare.

She seemed in good spirits, so that was good.

After that it was time to drive home.

We got home about 6.30pm I think. I had a nap, as even though it was early, long distance driving seems to take it out of you.

So she is doing well, and here I am back at work, sitting at my bus stop, waiting for departing time.