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Slack and books

Been pretty lazy recently. While this is the third post today, there has been a big gap before the previous bunch of posts.

Not sure why, but it seems today I’m back from my lazy streak.

Last month I went to the “Regent 24hr book sale”

More of a tradition than anything. My wife likes it as she reads, and thus buys books.

As for me, I used to like it more, as they used to also sell old records and CDs. I love my music, so I’d spend a while hunting through them.

Now they do that as a different event, and I’ve never made it to it yet.

So the book sale has less of an appeal.

Normally I’ll but a drink, grab and ice cream, and go find a comic book to read while my wife loads up on books. I also get to sit back watch the crowd, and listen to the live bands.

Well normally we go about midnight, but I was a little tired, so we never made it until 5am this time. Completely different and quite disappointing.

There was no live band, the food shop was close, and here was only about thirty people wandering around.

A bit of a letdown really.

Oh well, hopefully next year I’ll get there at midnight, music,snacks, and people.