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Sad drink

Here’s a picture…

Now why on earth is a picture of a drink listed as a sad post?

Well on my way to work this morning I realised I’d forgotten my bottle of water (coke bottle, tap water).

So that left me with the option of turning around and going back to,get it. Not a great option, as I’d be at work either late, or just in time and need to rush through my paperwork and pre-start bus inspections.

Or I could go with out, so four hours before my first break, no drink, stuck in a bus.

Final option, pop into a dairy on route and grab a drink.

Well I chose the last option, but that cost me $4.40, so I’m sad 🙁

Not so good for a friend

I got a ring halfway through Sunday from work. Caller ID told me who it was before I answered.

It seems that one of our drivers is under the weather. He’d been off for a few months now after some surgery, not good when you’re in your seventies. Either way the ops tells me he isn’t feeling well right now, and can’t make it in on Monday.

So instead of starting at 3pm for the week, I am starting at 6.25 for the week, and doing his early shift before I do my afternoon shift.

Good for me I suppose, but sad for him and hoping he is ok.

Sick, police, boots

Stuck home sick again.

Think I’m starting to get cabin fever. Not up to doing very much, but sick of doing nothing. Wish I was back at work today. It’s nice and sunny, and in about an hours time my Friday afternoon shift would have started, and I like that shift. There’s nothing wrong with liking ones job is there?

As for the day, I wandered in the kitchen, looking for something to eat which fitted the doc’s advise of what to eat for the next few days, looked out the window, and there were police everywhere. Even some walking around with big ass guns.

They seemed to have been concentrating on a house a few doors down the next street. They are mostly gone now, just one undercover car still parked there.

As for what I’ve been doing to amuse myself, well not much as I don’t feel great, but I did decide to nugget my boots. I like my boots, i think I spent more on then than any other single piece of clothing or foot ware I own, so I’m going to look after them. Soon I guess I have to go back and polish them, but that seems like more hard work in my condition.


Nurofen and water

Hasn’t been a good day for a couple f days now. Wednesday evening I started feeling pretty bad. By about 10.30pm I decided that the next day just wasn’t going to work, so I called the after hours number to call in sick for the next morning.

I hate ringing late, but when you start early in the AM, you want to give them as much time as possible to cover your shift.

Well Thursday was pretty unpleasant, but slowly getting better.

Now it’s Friday, and I’m at work.

Still in pain,feeling like crud, but I can keep good focus, so I’ll keep working. If it gets worst, or if I believe I am starting to lose focus, I’ll call it in and go home, but right now I’m feeling terrible but good enough. I’m just running on Nurofen and water for a while.

When it rains, it pours

Ok, so that’s a saying, and not really what this post is about. Though just to let you know it is raining out there as I type, which sucks for tourism, as we have a cruise ship visiting the city today.

What this post is about is pain. I’m in pain, any it’s really bugging me. Driving causes stress on certain joints, and right now my wrist (right) is really hurting. The more annoying part of it is that I’ve forgotten to bring any painkillers with me, so,I just have to put up,with it.

This is largely my fault, due to being lazy. I don’t exercise much. I go to the pool twice a week, sometimes more for some aqua-jogging, but not much else. I need to do so e exercise to increase my wrist and arm strength as we’ll.

I had a little thing that you squeeze with your hands, but I used it so infrequently, that I lost it when I moved house, so now I don’t have it, and have to put up with sore wrists.

Will have to get back to it I guess, as pain sucks, but I’m lazy 🙁

Just a good morning

Been a good morning.

The sun has come out, and it’s nice and warm. For a while it has been cloudy, rainy, and very windy, so it’s nice to see the sun again.

I just got called up on the RT and had my morning shift extended by an hour. Guess somebody is sick and they need to break up and cover their shift. Good news for me though, as it means I will be in town about the same time my wife has lunch, so joining her is the plan. Of course having lunch in town will cost close to what the extra hour gave me, but that’s no problem, may have gone into town anyhow, so that would have been just as costly, not had the extra work, and I would have to have an extra trip into town.

Finally, there has been some rubbish (McDonalds) on the side of the street the last two times I’ve driven past in the bus. It’s gone now, so somebody out their cares about the neighbourhood (Corstophine), so that is nice and cheered me up as well.

Keys just not my day

Ok, bad day today.

Locked myself out of the house while going to work. No time to catch a bus so had to catch a taxi to get there. $12.70 down the drain. Checked the timetable, and looks like I’m going to miss the bus home by ten minutes, so either another taxi, or wait in the rain for fifty minutes for the next day.

Not a good run.

Looking at getting a keypad for the door, as I’m sick of locking myself out.

Oh yes, just to rub salt into the wound, when I get to work I have to go to the office to get my spare key for my locker. This is on the opposite side of the entrance to where the bus modules are, so I forget to log one on, and when I get to my bus transfer, I realise I have forgotten it, so have to call up,the office to send one out. Will likely get a written report for forgetting that. Just not my afternoon. The morning was good though.

Wet outside

It’s wet out side.

This makes me a little sad. Not because it’s raining, as I like the rain, I like driving in the rain, I like staring out the window into the rain, sometimes I even like a walk in the rain. The reason it makes me sad today is because I need to return to work soon, so I’m going to get wet getting to the car, get wet getting from the car to the depot, get wet getting from the depot to the transfer vehicle, and finally get wet getting from my transfer vehicle to my bus I have to drive for the next four hours.

I may also get wet reversing this all when I finish my shift, but I’m not really sad about that, as I’ll be going home, that makes me happy, and my wife will be waiting for me, maybe even with food 🙂