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Crazy wet

It’s crazy wet outside.

The rain is just about going sideways!

Made plans, so looks like we’re going to have an afternoon indoors playing xbox.

Of course I have to go pick up a mate as he’s not to keen to walk here in this crazy rain.

Other than that, all good to go. Have three consoles here already, snacks, and a nice warm lounge thanks to the heat pump 🙂

Elder Scrolls Online delayed until June for Xbox one

Ok, this has really bummed me out.

I love the Elder Scrolls series, and I was really looking forward to this game (still are).

I was expecting to see it arrive March next year(2014), so when I heard April, I was slightly disappointed. Then I heard that it was only being released on PC/MAC in April, and a couple of months latter for us console players, I was bummed.

Sad Rodent.